Join others in clarifying what mindfulness is, the benefit of practice, and how it might start transforming the way you relate to your inner and outer worlds.

“Mindfulness is simply a clear, non-judmental awareness of your inner and outer worlds. It includes an alert observing of your thoughts, emotions, body sensations, desires, attitudes and behaviors.“  — adapted from Dr. Rick Hanson

Practicing mindfulness is a way to get in touch with the innate peace we have within us, while learning to skillfully work with the issues that keep us from that peace.  A glimpse of that peaceful, centered feeling is often experienced in just one mindfulness mediation session and can give you insight as to what the benefits of a regular practice might feel like. As you work to create a regular practice, that feeling will begin to follow you into daily life, and create lasting changes and strength in your ability to face life’s challenges.

Mindfulness Instruction and Groups at CMBT

Facilitated by Regina Flanigan, LCPC
Phone—301-631-2926, ext 220 or email regina@cmbt.net

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Group

This six-week group will introduce you to the basic practices of mindfulness, including self-compassion.  Email or call about being notified of upcoming groups.

Women’s Well Being Therapy Group – Fridays, 1-2:30 p.m.

This is a closed, ongoing group whose members who are using mindfulness, compassion, and contemporary group therapy practices to deepen their healing, well being and connection to others. Open to members on a space available basis.

Healing and Transformation Therapy Group

This 10-12 week therapy group is for men and women. This confidential group is limited to 9 people and draws upon the cognitive, emotional, somatic and behavioral aspects of contemporary psychology as well as mindfulness and self-compassion.

The group focuses on five core areas:

  • Dealing skillfully with difficult emotions such as anxiety, anger, guilt and shame
  • Self regulation, grounding and self soothing skills
  • Working through vulnerability as it relates to taking risks and tolerating uncertainty
  • Cultivation of gratitude and self compassion
  • Strengthening our connections with others through wise speech, appreciation, softening defensiveness, and kindness.

The group will engage in guided mindfulness meditations of the body, mind and emotions, compassion based meditations, reflective journaling, small group exercises, and interpersonal sharing. Pre-admission interview is required. This is not an introduction to mindfulness, but basic practices will be covered and reviewed.

About Regina

Regina is a practicing psychotherapist and co-founder of the Center for Mind Body Therapies.  She is in training with Mindfulness Teachers Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, and is a part of their two year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program.  She has been an active student and practitioner of contemplative and meditative traditions since 2006, and of mind-body therapies since 1995.