Regina Flanigan, MS, LCPC

Caring & Skillful Therapy for Difficult Moods, Relationships & Life Transitions

momWhen dealing with anxiety and worry, unhealthy habits, a sense of not being good enough, unresolved traumas or difficult relationships, it’s easy to sometimes feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and self-critical.

After almost two decades of offering healing and personal transformation work, I find that people benefit the most when they are in a caring environment. One that encourages awareness, self-compassion, and a steady dedication to gaining insight, and doing activities that promote recovery, growth and well-being. Today, I work with adults and provide therapy to individuals, couples and groups.

About My Education and Experience

I have been a practicing therapist since 2001 after graduating from the counseling program at Johns Hopkins University.

Prior to that, I co-founded the Center for Mind Body Therapies, practiced therapeutic bodywork and studied complementary mind body approaches.

I have continued receiving education and experience each year by deepening my training in:

  • Practices and Tools that promote awareness, stress reduction, life satisfaction and inner well-being.
  • Stress and anxiety (Panic, social anxiety, worry and generalized anxiety, ERP-exposure therapy)
  • Couple’s and marital therapy
  • Mindfulness and self compassion (Including instruction)
  • EMDR Therapy for traumatic events and anxiety
  • Self Criticism (perfectionism, inner critic, feeling not good enough)
  • Recovery from the impact of a partner or family members substance abuse

I’m presently enrolled in a Two Year Mindfulness Teacher Certification Training with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.

Approaches that I Use

Approaches to therapy include: Integrative, person centered approaches in addition to compassionate and mindfulness based forms of (CBT), the science of well being or positive psychology, body(somatic) awareness, EMDR Therapy for trauma and
ERP ( exposure therapy-self directed).

For couples, I use John Gottman’s therapy (level 2) and research, and emotionally focused or attachment oriented approaches.

I also integrate the time-honored wisdom of being kind, compassionate, forgiving and empathetic to one another.

Insurance and fees

Avg Cost (per one hour session): $130

Insurance: Out of network for most major providers. I will supply a statement/receipt for filing your own claims. And can take HSA credit/debit cards.

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Health Savings Account, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa

Regina Flanigan’s Group

Healing and Transformation Therapy Group
This 10-12 week therapy group is for men and women. This confidential group is limited to 9 people and draws upon the cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects of contemporary psychology as well as mindfulness and self-compassion. The group focuses on five core areas: Dealing skillfully with difficult emotions such as anxiety, guilt and shame, self regulation and self soothing skills, learning to look at unexamined beliefs, well being skills and practices such as forgiveness, generosity and gratitude, and relating with others to build connection.

Guided meditation, journaling, small group exercises, educational strategies, and interpersonal sharing. Pre-admission interview is required:-)

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
This six-week group will introduce you to the basic practices of mindfulness, including self-compassion.

Women’s Well Being Therapy Group
This is a closed, ongoing group whose members who are using mindfulness based practices and group therapy processes to deepen their healing, well being and connection to others.