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First Visit

A comprehensive health form can be downloaded from or  Pre-printed forms are also available to pick up in my “INBOX”, located int the foyer of cmbt (beside the water cooler).  After you complete the questionnaire, please scan to, fax to 301-631-2937, or drop off enclosed forms to my Inbox at CMBT. Please include the last 2 copies of blood work.  Your pre-submitted information is reviewed prior to the visit and will make the time in the office more efficient.


Individuals are seen by appointment only. The Initial visit is 90 minutes. Follow up appointments are 50 minutes. Please bring any current supplements that you are taking on a daily basis as well as the last TWO copies of lab work.

The scheduled time for your appointment has been reserved specifically for you. Except in emergency situations, if you miss or cancel a scheduled appointment without providing 24 hours notice, you will be charged a $50 no show/cancellation fee. Because we make every attempt to stay on schedule, if you are late for an appointment, you will only be seen for the remainder of your scheduled time.


Payment due at time of service. Cash, check, HSA, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted. Initial Appointment fee is $240 for adults, and $190 for children 11 and under.  Follow up appointment fee is $140 for adults and $95 for children 11 and under.

Cost Effective

Naturopathy is cost effective because it prevents the high price of long-term disease “management”. The overall costs are lowered because the disease process is addressed and corrected at the early stages. If disease is long standing, Naturopathy still offers therapies that improve health quality. Establishing healthy lifestyle practices will significantly lower cost by preventing expensive and common American diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Dr. Donna helps improve your health and teaches you how to stay healthy for a lifetime. Healthy living is true health insurance!

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